Social Media – Where to start?

January 14, 2018 Suzi Edwards 0 Comments

Having a social media presence when creating a small business will be one of the most important ways to influence your market and create sales.  Knowing where to start in regards to setting up on the right channels and in the right way can be tricky.  So here is a simple guide to get you started.

Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Linkedin? Pinterest? Youtube?

When starting out it is easy to relax into the social media channels which you are used to using in your spare time.  Working out which channels you should be dedicating some of your precious time to is difficult, but it is worth taking some time to research this as trends change, and demographics for each channel are slightly different.  

Facebook: the go to place for most businesses.  But will we have to change the way we work with facebook?  As reported on the BBC on the 12th January (Baraniuk, 2018), Facebook is changing its algorithms to ensure that friends and family posts come a long way ahead of business posts on the news feed.  My personal feeling is that facebook will still be worthwhile, but sign up to the blog to get up-to-date information as we find out more.

Twitter: This is taking a downward turn in terms of popularity having failed to grow followers in 2017(Patel, 2018).  Getting twitter right can take a lot of time and energy, as you need to engage in a large conversation and try to get heard.

Instagram: A must for crafters and artists, with a perfect platform to take amazing pictures of your products.  59% of its users being in the 18-29 age bracket (Wade, 2018).

Linkedin: The facebook of the business world.  It has a very niche market, and while an updated profile probably wouldn’t go amiss, if you have limited time to spend on this then I would not prioritise this.

Pinterest: Perfect place to post pictures, and create a presence.  It’s THE hub of creativity, and people will want to be inspired by your work. It isn’t the same as other social media channels though, so may need a little more planning such as the hints and tips outlined in this post:

Youtube: Become a youtube star showing off your products!

Who is your audience?

This is crucial to picking the right social media to concentrate your marketing on.  So have a think about the demographics of your average customer or what you think they would be, and then start with the social media category that suits them best.  Social media today has created this great infographic to help you decide where to start

What is currently popular? What looks set to be a trend in 2018?

Some of the main social media trends in 2018 include instagram stories, facebook video (live video, and person to person video), a focus on messaging apps, an alignment with the internet of things, and influencer marketing.  Sign up for more lengthy information on these as we get it.

Different types of content

When selling a creative product, taking good clear pictures, and possibly making videos or live videos is a good place to start.  You can find some excellent photography tips here:

Be creative with your posts, and try and engage your audience in a wider conversation.  The more interaction you can get on your page the better.


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