Paid vs Organic Social Media Content

January 14, 2018 Suzi Edwards 0 Comments

So, you’ve started putting things out on social media, but your posts aren’t quite getting the reach that you hoped they would have, and you are struggling to get any engagement with your product.  You keep seeing adverts pop up about boosting posts, and paying to place content to a wider audience and you are very tempted, but is it an economical use of your hard earned cash, and will it bring you any returns on your investment?

Here are 6 top tips to help you decide what is right for your business…

Try and work out why your organic reach of content is not working

The main issue you might have with your content, is that it JUST ISN’T INTERESTING! People will only read and engage with content which they find interesting.  So if you have bland photos, accompanied by bland text, with no interaction, and no personality, then you will have nobody engaging with your content (Leonard, 2018).

What can you do to boost organic reach?

Ensure you don’t just keep pushing your products out.  You need to create a personality, and a reason for people to engage with you.  Watch the experts – there are some people that have crafted very successful craft businesses with good examples of how to do it well.  

Paper Panda

Ceramic Magpie:


Ensuring content is good enough to promote

Are your photographs a good enough quality, is the content interesting?  Appeal to emotions, create an image to aspire to, make your posts funny, inspire people, make people think, tell a story (Dinesh, 2018).  Ensure that all boosted content has a call to action – a link to sign up to a website, like a facebook page, or follow an instagram account, or even just to buy a specific product.

Where and how do you boost content?

This depends on where you have decided to concentrate your social media time.   It is only worth boosting content and driving traffic to your page, if you have already got a page established with posts and content being written.  Don’t boost a post as an opening to social media, craft organic content first.

How much should I spend?

This is entirely dependent on your budget – the more you spend… the more reach you get.  When starting out a boosted post of just £5-£10 can hugely increase readership.  

What is my audience?

It is worth really thinking about the type of people that want to see your items in their newsfeed.  Think about their likes, their dislikes, their geographic area, and then target them with the posts.

Paid for social media can be really worthwhile for small businesses to create reach – but your organic content must be good enough first.  So take a look at the experts, and GET CREATIVE!


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