Creating a website to showcase your product

January 14, 2018 Suzi Edwards 0 Comments

Once your social media is targeting and engaging the right market, and you are getting sales through your etsy web page  it might be the right time to take the next step and create a web page.  Creating a website which showcases your product doesn’t have to be too complicated, and there are many programmes and websites out there to help you.

Do you need a website?

This is worth thinking about before you go any further. Do you have the time for the upkeep of the website, and do you have a strong enough presence elsewhere to drive traffic there?  If you don’t, then it is worth taking the time to strengthen your other social media areas first and concentrate on places such as etsy to boost your sales.

I want a website, where do I start?

There are many different advertisements around at the moment boasting that they are the key to simplicity when it comes to creating a website for your business.  With page builders such as Wix and Weebly enticing you with their funky and simple looking management systems.  However, there is a reason that wordpress now runs 28.9% of websites across the entire internet (K, 2018).  With its responsive layout and numerous plugins, wordpress is top of the list.  There are however a few things to watch out for; or .org

So you want a wordpress website, as you’ve heard many great things.  So you google wordpress and is top of the search engine list, you register for a website and bam!  You have one!  However, there are two different kinds of wordpress site which you need to be aware of. sites are hosted by wordpress themselves, they have a very select few plugins which are available to you, and the web address has got within it.  The themes are limited, and it isn’t quite what you were expecting.  This is because you need to go for a site.  The easiest ways to get these is to register a domain (i.e. through a provider which supports wordpress such as 1&1 or, and then you can set up your wordpress website through there.

What do I do next?

Take a look at other peoples craft business websites and decide on what is important to you, and which elements you would like to include.  Maybe draw out a wireframe of how you want to website to look, and then take a look at the themes on offer.  You want one that fits with how you need to website to look, it also needs to be current, and updated regularly, as well as being a responsive theme to different communication methods.

How do I make it look how I want it to?

The benefits of the Wix and Weebly style websites are that they have drag and drop style website builders.  It is possible to create something similar with wordpress by installing a page builder.  You can get paid ones of these, or free.  This website is built with a theme which is used with the elementor page builder.  This allows you some drag and drop capability within the theme, but choosing the theme which suits your needs is still very important.

Is there anything else I need to think about?

Yes, many things, including the user experience, the photography you use on your website, SEO and many more.  These can be thought about in more detail once you get started.  Articles on these things will be coming up over the next few weeks.

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