Craft a social media presence which emulates the amount of love which is put into your craft and business. Use your time wisely and create an online personality which helps your business shine.


Do you need a website? Find out why wordpress is such a powerful tool when creating a website to show off your business to its full potential.


With many different ways to market your product, find out how best to get started and what the current trends in the digital world are.

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This website has been created to give you up-to-date and relevant information to help you grow your craft business without having to pay attention to trends and trawl through marketing websites which are targeted at bigger businesses.  

The articles that are written here, are with your business in mind and hope to guide you on your path to either successfully grow your business, or help to keep you hobby business in touch with the constantly changing trends of social media.


Use digital marketing wisely to craft an online presence.

What others say...

"As part of our team Suzi has created digital marketing campaigns, including social media marketing and wordpress development. She has an up-to-date knowledge of current social media trends and is able to advise on the creative and practical sides of marketing.

She has offered me many hints and tips in regards to profile raising and ensuring that we are targetting the right markets. She has a lot of knowledge in regards to digital marketing and is friendly and approachable to work with."
Amy Doyle
Female Entrepreneurs Network

"Digital marketing is a very important part of my business as my crafts are sold mainly online. Suzi has been giving me advice on the marketing side of my business right from the beginning and I have always valued her opinion.

As a new business, it is very difficult to attract new customers and get my products out in front of a wider audience. I do not know much about new technology nor do I have a big budget for advertising so I am really grateful for Suzi's advice on how I can improve my marketing skills or what to look out for. As a result of this, I have had a few successful Facebook campaigns attracting more views and new followers than I had expected.

Suzi has an extensive knowledge of the digital world. She has introduced me to numerous useful online tools for online marketing and because of these useful tools, I now find it much quicker, easier and a lot more fun to produce marketing material."
Gloria Chan
Glorious Crafts